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Who is The Dependent Agent?


Meet Christy Gessler.

The host of The Dependent Agent. 


A successful real estate broker, and a recovered addict, Christy knows both sides of the spectrum.  With this podcast Christy hopes to reach someone in need and help them from crash landing like she did. If you do crash land, Christy is here to help pick up those pieces and get you back on track.

Growing up, my dad was my coach, cheerleader, and biggest inspiration. His background in business, the military, and life hobby as a pilot played a large role in who I am today. From early on, he ingrained in me a competitive spirit, accompanying the importance of fairness, ethics, and kindness; values that continue to drive me. When he died, I was devastated, but knew I would find a way to honor his legacy.  My Mom, is an incredibly strong woman who has taught me to stay focused, strong, and determined, no matter what challenges come your way. With this foundation, the Freedom 512 Real Estate Group was launched and The Dependent Agent followed! 

This platform allows you to come on to the show & speak about

your successes & struggles to the world.

This is about the real estate industry & all the highs & lows that come with it. Christy Gessler shares her story & valuable resources for anyone that may need it.

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